Fresh Title Suggestions for Your Social Work Research Proposal Paper

Students often state that the hardest part of writing their dissertation is choosing the topic. There are so many different subjects to write about that it can become confusing. The most important aspect on deciding what subject to research is that you are interested in it. There is no point in trying to write about something that you are not passionate about. Not only will you find it difficult to focus but you will get bored leading you to produce work that is below your standard of excellence. If you are struggling to find ideas for research paper topics on ethics, here are some topic suggestions for your research paper on ethics in the workplace.

  1. The “Baby P” case was highly publicized due to chronic failures in the system. Discuss possible lessons learnt in social work management as a result of this tragic failure.
  2. How can multi-agency working improve the way they safeguard children?
  3. Evaluate the perceptions and attitudes of the oppression faced by healthcare practitioners.
  4. Discuss the history of social work, how has it transitioned over the years?
  5. How can the local government work to improve work?
  6. Discuss how mentoring is an essential component of social work training.
  7. How can social workers better safeguard adults who have been labeled as ‘vulnerable.’
  8. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a career in social work.
  9. Discuss personal safety issues amongst social workers, how can they be improved.
  10. Discuss theoretical concepts in the field of social work.

Writing a dissertation is not an easy task, here is some advice to help the process run smoother.

  • Don’t procrastinate: This is a large project and the last thing you need is to try and rush it at the last minute. You need enough time to effectively research your subject and write the project. You should start this process as soon as you have been given the assignment.
  • Meet with your supervisor: Many students neglect to spend any time with their dissertation supervisor. This is not a good idea; your supervisor will have a lot of helpful information that will assist in ensuring that your thesis is written to the best of your ability. Remember, they know what the review board requires and you don’t.
  • Get organized: You are going to have to become an expert time manager and make a lot of sacrifices. You will have to cut your socializing right down when you are writing your dissertation.