Guides to Composing a Research Paper Cover Page in MLA Style

There are a variety of different referencing styles in academic writing and one of them is MLA which is the acronym for Modern Language Association. Typically MLA style papers don’t need a cover page because all of the required information is included in the first page. However, you are going to get some teachers who will prefer you to submit your assignment with a cover page. In this case, you will need to follow this source for a research paper mla cover page. Here is some advice on the mla research paper requirements.

  • The Title
    The title should be written approximately one third of the way down the page and it should be written in normal capitalization standards. Each word should begin with a capital letter apart from prepositions or articles, these words include: for, to, in, an, a, or, of, and, the. Regardless of the type of word the first word of the title is, it should be capitalized.
    You don’t need to punctuate the title, and neither should you put quotation marks around it. Your title should not be in italics, neither should it be underlined. On the other hand, if you use a quote, or make reference to another study in your title, you will need to punctuate it.
  • Your Name
    Underneath the title, you will need to write your name, you will need to leave at least 2-3 lines. You will also need to makes sure that you use your first and surname.
  • The Class or Course Information
    You will then need to type the name of your course. This is written underneath your name once again leaving 2-3 lines.
  • Your Tutors Name
    You will then need to write the name of your tutor, this should be written 2-3 lines underneath the class or course information. If your instructor has doctorate, make sure that you include the appropriate title before their name.
  • The Date
    On the final line you are going to write the date. MLA requires that the date is written in a European format. This means that you start with the day, the month is next and then you write You will need to leave at least 2-3 lines underneath your tutors name before you write the date. These are some simple steps to help you write an MLA style title page. When you have completed it, make sure that you read over it to ensure that you haven’t made any mistakes.